Sofia the First – S02E17 – Scrambled Pets

October 31, 2014177 Views

Sofia and her friends accidentally get their pets magically scrambled.

Mysteries at the Museum – S07E06 – Tootsie Roll Miracle, Singing Convict and Operation Paperclip

October 31, 201421 Views

Host Don Wildman examines the Tootsie Roll candies that once saved the lives of a courageous band of…

Package Deal – S02E05 – Danny’s New Job

October 31, 201417 Views

Danny struggles to get his boss to like him at his new job at the law firm.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) – S03E03 – Buried Secrets

October 31, 201417 Views

The guys discover a Kraang ship buried under April’s house, and also uncover April’s lost mother.

Tanked – S05E05 – The Pirate Queen

October 31, 201417 Views

Drag queen Frank Marino, spokesperson for the Vegas bedding store, Holy Sheets, asks Wayde and Brett…

Gold Rush – S06E01 – New Blood

October 31, 2014163 Views

Returning for Season 5 is Parker, who proved himself in his rookie season mining the Klondike when h…

Gogglebox – S04E04 – Series 4, Episode 4

October 31, 201420 Views

Supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Noel Gallagher join the show’s favourite families in this …

Girl Meets World – S01E13 – Girl Meets Flaws

October 31, 2014168 Views

A classmate teases Farkle for being different and not fitting in with the crowd, so he stops going t… 

Z Nation – S01E06 – Resurrection Z

October 31, 201417 Views

An encounter with a seeming Utopian enclave and a religious cult results in a game changer when the …

The Knick – S01E10 – Crutchfield

October 31, 2014256 Views

Thackery becomes more paranoid and is pushed to his limits whilecontinuing the blood-transfusion re…

Shark Tank – S06E05 – Season 6, Episode 5

October 31, 201417 Views

Entrepreneurs include the owner of an all-female golf caddy company; a couple who believe they have …

America’s Next Top Model – S21E09 – The Guy Who Wows Betsey Johnson

October 31, 201423 Views

Miss J gives some select models a private runway session to prepare them for Fashion Week, where the…

Hawaii Five-0 (2010) – S05E04 – Ka No’eau (The Painter)

October 31, 201425 Views

A Detroit hit man is murdered by one of his colleagues on the streets of Oahu, and Steve is shocked …

Lorraine Pascale: How To Be A Better Cook – S01E06 – Sally Mack

October 31, 201420 Views

With plenty of deceptively easy recipes and fantastic tips, Lorraine Pascale shows people with no ki…

The Amazing Race – S25E04 – Thinly Sliced Anchovies: Leg #4

October 31, 20141 Views

Shetland, Scotland, U.K. → Copenhagen, Denmark

Haven – S05E06 – The Old Switcheroo (2)

October 31, 20142 Views

Mara capitalises on the fallout from the latest trouble, forcing Nathan and Duke to make a desperate…

Blue Bloods – S05E04 – Excessive Force

October 31, 201418 Views

Frank is put in a difficult position when Danny is charged with using excessive force. Jamie brings …

The Graham Norton Show – S16E04 – Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr, Stephen Fry

October 31, 201429 Views

Graham is joined on the show by Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jrand Stephen Fry.

Snack-Off – S01E16 – South of the Border & SnoBalls

October 31, 201415 Views

The cooks use classic Mexican ingredients to be able to cook something spectacular.

Ridiculousness – S05E15 – Chanel Iman

October 31, 201419 Views

Chanel Iman helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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